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PM Music
PM Music 7 timmar sedan
6:13 "gross"
Precision Lead Throwing
Precision Lead Throwing 7 timmar sedan
Challenge to youtubers - make an experiment demonstrating that increasing the concentration of CO2 in parcel of air from 00.029% to 00.038% has the effect IPCC claims and that it will bring the temperature up by the IPCC claimed amount of ºC WITHOUT increasing the energy input.
Precision Lead Throwing
Precision Lead Throwing 7 timmar sedan
Challenge to youtubers - make an experiment demonstrating that increasing the concentration of CO2 in parcel of air from 00.029% to 00.038% has the effect IPCC claims and that it will bring the temperature up by the IPCC claimed amount of ºC WITHOUT increasing the energy input.
Roger Luedecke
Roger Luedecke 7 timmar sedan
This was a really excellent demonstration of a theory I already loved, but now understand better.
Yours Truely
Yours Truely 7 timmar sedan
So send the local send time with the message. En when you send it back do the same.
alexanderpowers1 7 timmar sedan
So many things wrong with this.
Clown 7 timmar sedan
What if you sync 2 lasers to light at the same time each with a vacuum in front of them and in one vacuum you put a clock to measure the light going in one direction, then in the 2nd vacuum you put a clock by the laser so the light has to travel back and forth and see if you get the same time period if you double the first clocks time?
N is a Number
N is a Number 7 timmar sedan
So whoever controls the path of asteroids and comets basically control the outcome of all future wars. Imagine directing an asteroid the size of Eiffel towel on your enemy’s country.
RG Media
RG Media 7 timmar sedan
hmmm so if c is expected to be the same whether it's pointed N to S or S to North for example, then if you turn it 90 degrees to the E to W direction, wouldn't the measurement "HAVE" to be different because you turned it into a completely different direction?
Kellerkind 7 timmar sedan
So I many people noticed the footage taken from Scott Manley?!
SEAN LOWRANCE 7 timmar sedan
8:42 iron cant turn into a gas, thats why stars explode.
SEAN LOWRANCE 7 timmar sedan
or maybe it can and im just kinda dumb
Wo Hani
Wo Hani 7 timmar sedan
Is my is my mother goose club out.
felix lemaire
felix lemaire 7 timmar sedan
Couldn't they use two mirrors ? The light starts from the clock and go towards mirror 1, bounce towards mirror 2, bounce back to the clock. You do it once from clock - mirror1 - mirror2 - clock then you do clock - mirror2 - mirror1 - clock. Then you compare the two, the time to go from clock to mirror is the same for both but the mirror1 to mirror2 is inversed in each essentially allowing you to compare the time it takes to go from mirror 1 to mirror 2 and the time it takes to go from mirror 2 to mirror 1. Edit: that wouldn't allow us to calculate the true speed of light since for all I know the acceleration probably is not instantaneous but it would allow us to see if light has different speed based on the direction its going towards
Miles Tinsley
Miles Tinsley 7 timmar sedan
3:27 AM Me: hunched over the sink My mom: why are you STILL up? Me: SHHH! I’VE ALMOST GOT A CHAOTIC SYSTEM!
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen 8 timmar sedan
I can never have the balls to do this.
Val2016 8 timmar sedan
Now imagine your head is the grape and you cell phone is the microwave.
ny4rlath 8 timmar sedan
Why can't you send light from A to B, and when B is hit, send a signal back to A with something you perfectly know the speed (by wire, soundwave, ...)? You then substract the known time (B to A) from the total, and you get the one direction time. I don't get where the problem is...?
Jun 8 timmar sedan
To know the answer, simply ask someone to bring the tennis ball far away until it looks the same size with the real moon.
Sebastian-Marcus Post
Sebastian-Marcus Post 8 timmar sedan
If u belive ... hope ... with the man on the Moon man on the Moon Equitas et Veritas and travelers highcheckers traveling guide
Jakub Borowski
Jakub Borowski 8 timmar sedan
Cant you fire a laser beam around a curved space time so it comes back to the same clock without being reflected?
potatobearkelm 8 timmar sedan
I think I thought of one way: You have both clocks start in the middle, start at the same time, then move away from each other at the same speed. Why would *this* not work?
Sebastian-Marcus Post
Sebastian-Marcus Post 8 timmar sedan
If u belive ..... Man in the Moon ... or in the Room
BintruxWorlds 8 timmar sedan
Good topic, well spoke. Good video quality. Good overall.
Manuel Cornejo
Manuel Cornejo 8 timmar sedan
Don't tell us, please do it. You said that if you have a material that doesn't absorb microwave...then make this experiment. Half-open a grape with a knife and put a steel ball inside, then close the grape again with the help of adhesive tape
Euryale Music
Euryale Music 8 timmar sedan
I like that Calendar, really cool!
Yours Truely
Yours Truely 8 timmar sedan
OK redo the video on gravitational waves
Dominik Joder
Dominik Joder 8 timmar sedan
What about this? Combine the mirror experiment with a high speed camera. I will see the laser beam going from left to right and back (so only on the x axis, measuring like the baseball). If we measure the time until the light is back on the left, we don't know if the speed was equal in both directions. If we see the light via deflection in the high speed camera, this might cause the uncertainty (so it would be the fault of our y axis). But since the direction towards the camera does not change, if the light appears in the same speed from left to right as in the opposite direction, we are least know that the speed is symmetrical on the x axis.
ᅠXenockz 8 timmar sedan
What if you sent an astronaut into space with the order to send a signal back to mission control when he reaches 1 light minute away from Earth? You should be able to predict when he will reach 1 light minute away, you should be able to figure out if light is traveling faster or slower in one direction, as you should be able to accurately predict when the message should get to you. So let's say the astronaut is expected to get to 1 light minute away at 11:59 as predicted by his motion after the engines were shut off. Should light travel instantly, you would get the signal from him at 11:59, if it were c, at 12:00, 12:01 if c/2, and anything in between. I might be stupid though, but this does seem like a sound way to figure this out since you're only getting the signal from him based on his surroundings, not you sending him a message and getting the two-way problem.
BLCR link3d
BLCR link3d 8 timmar sedan
Ok, I thought they could predict any.. now I know it could happen any second, ty
funncubesde 8 timmar sedan
When I watched this video I though: I've seen lots of maths stuff... didnt change anything. EVERY TIME i turned on the sink, ever since and it started dripping I switch between chaotic and periodic. It really did change my life.... well a little bit.
Jonas 8 timmar sedan
How would a non uniform speed of light effect things like interference of two waves of light and other wave like behaviour of light? As i understand it we could infer if a forward moving wave had the same wave length as a backward moving wave by seeing if they can destructively interfere. And we could check if a forward moving wave had the same frequency (and due thus the same energy) as a backward moving wave by seeing if they can excite a particular atom or get absorbed by a material with a particular bandgap. And then we could get c from the combination of wavelength and frequency. I wonder if these things would still work with a non uniform speed of light though likely our understanding of the wave mechanics of light would also need to be be adjusted in case of a non uniform speed.
PhD Tony
PhD Tony 8 timmar sedan
The suggestion that dinosaur extinction can be solely attributed to an impact by an extra-planetary body is a fixation of English-speaking scientists. There is a strong argument to be made that the Deccan Trap eruptions played a more significant role.
rburn99 8 timmar sedan
As well as predicting a cashless society and a new world order, The book of Revelation predicts a meteor or meteors hitting the earth.
Ben Keyte
Ben Keyte 8 timmar sedan
Couldn't we look at the age of stars in different areas of the sky?
lixo999 8 timmar sedan
As someone who has got here by accident and whose main language is not english: why can't you just use the camera the camera that shoots 1 trillion frames per second (as shown in the 9min00sec) and send the light to a mirror to see if the light behaves differently it bounces back to the direction it came from?
C Ollivier
C Ollivier 8 timmar sedan
I tried something like this twice in my life. The lest time, a couple of months ago, it was in a big cave in a mountain. There was no sound whatsoever. It was pretty amazing to hear every tiny noise you make. Moving your head, your clothes, breathing etc... I heard a lot of noise in my ear, not due to the environnement. Just parasite noise, like the girl was saying, probably the blood in my ears. It got quite uncomfortable after just 2-3 mins. Like a low pitch "hummmmm" that got slowly lower and lower. After like 15 minutes it was pretty much all I could focus on. Like if a big turbine was running, but just in my head. I could have done one hour I think but absolutely couldn't have worked in there as he said in the video.
NormalStyleCrew 8 timmar sedan
the grizzly shall lift this weight
lies damnlies
lies damnlies 8 timmar sedan
We need a new Arecibo. We need a _lot_ of new ones. What to do if you can't see something unless it's illuminated by the sun? Make your own. It was our one and only radar telescope, and clearly we need many more of them.
Christopher 8 timmar sedan
This is entirely flawed. It's not luck the hockey player was born in January when his parents had sex 9 months earlier.. same goes for people born in prosperous countries. It's not chance or luck, it's an accumulation of decisions made. "Luck" doesn't exist. You're supposed to be smart yet you're talking about something mythical. Even in a sition where a deck of cards is shuffled & a person pulls an Ace out of the middle of the deck. That isn't luck, it's a consequence of how the cards were shuffled. Magicians use this to their advantage & make you think things are based on chanve/luck.
President Irina Vladimirovna Putina
President Irina Vladimirovna Putina 8 timmar sedan
We've said it for years. Just build the Stonehenge Turret Defense Network
Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders 8 timmar sedan
Did this man just show a bird getting murdered by a plane at 5:50
Savannah Reynolds
Savannah Reynolds 8 timmar sedan
4:26 I think Moto Moto likes you...
Brandan Lee
Brandan Lee 8 timmar sedan
The "I told you so, but not when" from the epidemiological community with COVID-19 was several million dead and the global economy set back for a generation. The "I told you so, but not when" from the astronomical community will be heard in whatever afterlife you believe in.
Jason Socrathien
Jason Socrathien 8 timmar sedan
17:22 - Goddamnit, Chevy!
Marco Boscolo
Marco Boscolo 8 timmar sedan Someone can answer about a potential double fizeau toothed wheel experiment used to measure the one-way speed of light?
Angelo Portugal
Angelo Portugal 8 timmar sedan
I'm afraid that while I'm watching this, one might hit us
Boogdoggggg 8 timmar sedan
Technically if you built something 29x,xxx meters long and did the one way laser beam experiment you could measure the one way speed of light. Right?
AdoniYah 8 timmar sedan
when you look up and see the sun moon and star be not dismay at them for the heathen are dismayed at them...This is absolute proof that the creator is Real and what the prophet Enoch was taught..
Kean4711 DUB
Kean4711 DUB 8 timmar sedan
I dont know where I heard this but but I heard the 1 way direction was measured with planets going by each other casting a shadow then allowing a visible ray of light each the next celestial body.... but then ig there would be a reflexion that bounces off both bodies and omg this video just broke me
Sheila Sheila
Sheila Sheila 8 timmar sedan
“Hey bob” “Yeah bill?” “What’s this metal thing” “I dunno, try hitting it.” “Ok-“
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen 8 timmar sedan
I lost it when he said “the masses had diverged by about 50 micrograms,equal to the weight of a fingerprint” ,very very big change
Eric Su
Eric Su 8 timmar sedan
In Kerr manifold, the radial geodesic goes from infinity into the origin in a straight path . There is no gravitational deflection on light from a remote source. Kerr black hole is not the normal black hole. Click on "77 Kerr's Metric without Black Hole" on this website.
Simon Wedege Petersen
Simon Wedege Petersen 8 timmar sedan
"There is a chance that we're wrong" - Such a pleasure listening to real scientists, rather than "flat earthers" who are completely convinced and nothing can change their minds.
Nethaniel S
Nethaniel S 9 timmar sedan
You can use two light sources in space light second away from one another and have simple logic to activate each light: when you see the other light flash, flash yourself. And then observe from another point in space that is in the same distance from each source of flashing light and log when each light flashes. Then repeat experiment multiple times when your position changes but distance from flashing light sources remains. If the light moves in different speed in different directions then you covered enough directions to notice it, no?
Shuhrat Urinov
Shuhrat Urinov 9 timmar sedan
"If you're worried about this terrible thing, here are thousands of other terrible things"
Melvin Cordovez
Melvin Cordovez 9 timmar sedan
Unfortunately.... No one's excempted 😢.... "'Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another food shortages^ and pestilences°; and there will be fearful sights and from heaven great signs*."' (Luke 21:10, 11) Yeah... I know, I know... People are getting tired of Wars and Earthquakes".... Let's get to something were not familiar yet... *Signs from heaven, Meteorites, Asteroids, Planetary alignments, Black Holes, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse or Strawberry Moon Eclipse, Meteor Shower, Halloween Blue Moon etc... All happening so frequently today... Don't believe? Please search... ^Food Shortages, it's on the way... please search U.N.'s Website... °pestilence noun pes·ti·lence \ˈpe-stə-lən(t)s\ : a disease that causes many people to die Full Definition : a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating; especially : bubonic plague --Merriam Webster's Dictionary-- AIDS, Cancers, Cardiovascular Diseases, etc... COVID-19, 25 Million Infected and 800,000 Deaths, in less than a Year--REUTERS. This World is going down.... Would you like to know the Good News from the Bible? -According to Chronology, the Bible is 3,500 years old, if in doubt, please do some research and go to the Bible Museum in New York. The Bible has been translated into over 3,350 Languages, and since the year 1456, over 5 billions of copies printed worldwide. More than 96.5 percent of the people in the world have access to the Bible. And each week, more than a million people get a Bible, yes, there is no other book like the Bible. It's old, but not the oldest, it just holds the Title of the "most printed Book in the History of Mankind." Now, if the Bible is obsolete, why are it's words so legit? Wise people do not judge a book by it's cover, they study it first. Have a Bible question? Want to know the Good News?
Yours Truely
Yours Truely 9 timmar sedan
Wauw he still makes hard copy's????
Krishna Kabrawala
Krishna Kabrawala 9 timmar sedan
Navier Stokes Equation still gives me nightmares.
Ted Walker
Ted Walker 9 timmar sedan
Does the ocean play a part in the earths magnetic field???
dgcoperates 9 timmar sedan
Ingrid Prandi
Ingrid Prandi 9 timmar sedan
Fantastic! But... poor bunnie!
RJ Weissenborn
RJ Weissenborn 9 timmar sedan
You throw enough nukes at it and it’s going to work. Make a line of 100 nukes that are spaced out on the path and all explode a few minutes apart to make shock waves that hit one side of the asteroid over and over and push it off course
Bree Sunderman
Bree Sunderman 9 timmar sedan
This scared me so bad. Like you have no idea.
nom chompsky
nom chompsky 9 timmar sedan
If one way is half c and the other is instant wouldn't you be able to measure a red shift in one direction and none in the other?
Marco Micheli
Marco Micheli 9 timmar sedan
Wow, I didn't know it was reasonably easy to make!
Hunter SENPAI 9 timmar sedan
one watch on earth two watchs on Mars (Mars one watch editable version & second one not editable) 🧐 the earth ask and tell the time - the mars edit and tell the non edit time!. The point is from sending the message till the Mars received it we can measure the delay and then we can focus on which signal is faster (in my opinion I think the bigger equipment the fast response just like the size of the sun, so when he sending from mars is differently slow!!!) sorry bad english still learning.
Timothy Andrade
Timothy Andrade 9 timmar sedan
if parallel universe is true, i hope that my other self is happy.
aardvarkmcgillicuddy 9 timmar sedan
That dripping faucet reminded me of my prostate.....
Jen 9 timmar sedan
Music please?
Windows Vienna 2018 2nd Channel
Windows Vienna 2018 2nd Channel 9 timmar sedan
My wallet is lighter
fermin fernandez
fermin fernandez 9 timmar sedan
For the people that are thinking in the sun we don't exactly know when the photon is emitted so we can't exactly know what's th speed of light
Zak 9 timmar sedan
Let me put your mind at ease... There are many other ways the world can end 😂😳😨
Top5 Rankings
Top5 Rankings 9 timmar sedan
whoever is reading this comment may his her parents live long for 100 years ameen
joey donaldson
joey donaldson 9 timmar sedan
Get ready. Our trailer for Revolution of the Daleks is almost here. @Doctor Who
JaRCo de Rover
JaRCo de Rover 9 timmar sedan
How about blowing it up and place rockets on the biggest leftovers, that will be a lot less hard work for a rocket. You have to redirect it's biggest mass to prevent from clamping back together, if that means a dozen of boosters then i think should be able to do that. In theory this should suck the other leftover asteroid with it and hopefully safe the Earth.. :P
Redshift VS
Redshift VS 9 timmar sedan
We had 2 CMEs dick slapped out of the way of our planet in 2012 I don't think whoever did that will let a rock nail us either.
Bert Hoffman
Bert Hoffman 9 timmar sedan
What about the Michelson-Morely experiment in 1887 and the subsequent analysis by Lorenz and FitzGerald?
Tristan Heartt
Tristan Heartt 9 timmar sedan
why can't you just reflect the light back and divide it in half
Tristan Heartt
Tristan Heartt 9 timmar sedan
now I feel like a fool because I could have just watched another 10 seconds
Eymn B
Eymn B 9 timmar sedan
Nobody saw Oumuamua coming 3 years ago. So the probability is not really zero right?