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Does Planet 9 Exist?
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My Life Story
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Hydrodynamic Levitation!
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I will defeat Justin Y
I will defeat Justin Y 3 timmar sedan
People in 1914: "In 2014 we will have FLYING CARS" 2014:
johnny huang
johnny huang 3 timmar sedan
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Sanjay Reddy
Sanjay Reddy 3 timmar sedan
Why does no one realize this was probably his most expensive video
tomtomdu 3 timmar sedan
What about mass
[Ra] MaYheM
[Ra] MaYheM 3 timmar sedan
we have to try this during a solar eclipse
Torxit 3 timmar sedan
That's how skating works. Water on ice make it slippery. Water is the only thing I know where adding pressure makes it into liquid.
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Khloe Clicks 3 timmar sedan
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Teck L0RD
Teck L0RD 4 timmar sedan
What about syncing the clocks from a central point in the middle. point A clock, point B sync station, point C clock. Put point B in exactly the middle. Send sync signal from central point. Then once clocks are synced a 1 way measurement can be taken? If the sync signal comes from midpoint both clocks should receive the sync signal at the same time. This should eleminate the clock moved problem.
Antoine LIANG
Antoine LIANG 4 timmar sedan
Wait, isn't it impossible for infinity to not repeat?
Wolfy Games
Wolfy Games 4 timmar sedan
Why do I have to watch this its dumb
Lovely Billie
Lovely Billie 4 timmar sedan
My head hurts
tiger400 4 timmar sedan
00:18 epic voice crack
Joshua Marsh
Joshua Marsh 4 timmar sedan
Great video, I really appreciate your perspective
Vivliforia 4 timmar sedan
The baby is an illusion. 😆
luuk v
luuk v 4 timmar sedan
Being lightly autistic has it's advantages I suppose ;)
Vain RL
Vain RL 4 timmar sedan
My favourite video you’ve made. Watched it a dozen times so far
Madux Borrelli
Madux Borrelli 4 timmar sedan
If you look at how little we are compared to the vast size of space it would be idiotic to think that there isn’t anything that else out there.
Umatsu Obossa
Umatsu Obossa 4 timmar sedan
I can see the normal illusion spinning only with effort. With you inside it, I can only see it oscillating with effort.
MARCO VALLE (Student) 4 timmar sedan
Veritasium and Vsauce have both mastered their style of teaching science, listening to both of them talk about the same thing in the same place is incredible.
chrystian88 4 timmar sedan
42.0 ;)
olivier serve
olivier serve 4 timmar sedan
In my experience as an analytical chemistry researcher in both academic and private research, the latter world is much more careful regarding reproducibility of measures as the incentive is the cost and the quality of the product. Even with highly sophisticated measures. There is a lot of normative work to help the establishment of robust data such as ISO17025 or ISO5259. I regret that I discover those after my academic career and studies. Also, I have seen some people remove part of data because it does not fit the rest and spend no time understand why. Finally, I wish more people understand what they do when using statistics, even just a linear regression can be misleading if incorrectly interpreted (O Saint R Square, prey for us ...).
Δημήτρης Τσώνης
Δημήτρης Τσώνης 4 timmar sedan
9 years ahead of tik tokers
Daniel Romane
Daniel Romane 4 timmar sedan
What if you could take photos of a photon traveling threw a vacume? Then time could be removed from the equation all together.
Yogi Berra's Love Child
Yogi Berra's Love Child 4 timmar sedan
Can you use "instantaneous" change in two quantum entangled particles to synchronize the clocks at two different locations?
Abhishek Prajapat
Abhishek Prajapat 4 timmar sedan
The second question is stupid. If I ask you who is Donald, you would consider Donald Trump but I didn't tell you it's Donald Trump similarly the second question is also stupid. And stop interchanging velocity and speed. Third question is also wrong. As the bottom of the wheels never move backward relative to the GROUND but only momentarily move backward relative to the wheel itself not even the train unless you are considering only that one particular wheel as the whole train.
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nrg slot 4 timmar sedan
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I feel like most parents would love to plan a vacation in this room.
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Aiden Oo 4 timmar sedan
i get how it works
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Dude Perfect: has left the chat
Juliano 4 timmar sedan
The cat randomly interrupting the video was perfect timing.
Leviathandk 4 timmar sedan
I really hope you see this Derek. Or anyone who can explain :) Sure Spaceman wouldnt feel acceleration before hitting the planet.. But lets say he missed the planet, making it a gravitational slingshot. The he shouldnt feel any acceleration because hes just following the geodesic right? In reallity he sould feel that right?
Nicolò Dal Forno
Nicolò Dal Forno 4 timmar sedan
When u figure it Out that the skin is waterproof
O H 4 timmar sedan
the subject of determinism/indeterminism is indeed a serious one. most contemporary laymen will never grasp it due to their circumstances.
Sedzani Thilivhali
Sedzani Thilivhali 4 timmar sedan
Had to wait 3 minutes 20 seconds to get to stripey women. Worth the wait
reckneya 4 timmar sedan
Wow, UV turns the world into the matrix.
Naydra2007JW 5 timmar sedan
Guess what i do at home to try to make myself sneeze. When i'm at home i just tickle my nose with my finger and i sneeze.
Brian Santero
Brian Santero 5 timmar sedan
My brain feels attacked. Stop, sir, for you are confu-u-u-s.. ...*error...does not compute* ... ... .. *click*
Jeremy Zenkar
Jeremy Zenkar 5 timmar sedan
I took dynamical systems and chaos in college. My mentor/professor was really interested in initial condition and boundary value problems. We did bifurcation diagrams all the time. I have never seen the Mandelbrot set plotted on the Z-axis as shown, its fascinating.
Chris Wilkinson
Chris Wilkinson 5 timmar sedan
@Veritasium What if you took 2 clocks at the halfway point along a set distance, say 10 miles. You then move the clocks apart at the same speed until one was at 0 miles and the other at 10 miles. Then the clocks are synchronized correctly because both have moved in respect to each other at the same speed, so you could measure the speed in 1 direction then the other and see if the speeds matched up. I know there must be a problem with this way otherwise it would be measured using this system already, I just cannot figure out where I have gone wrong. I have a couple of ideas, though. I don't use the metric system because the lengths depend on the speed of light being the same in all directions.
eros kajanaku
eros kajanaku 5 timmar sedan
Where can I invest in this?
fins59 5 timmar sedan
A transistor works like a variable resistor, not just a switch.
Erik Hendrych
Erik Hendrych 5 timmar sedan
Derek: I am impressed...and poor :D
Hotel CharliHill
Hotel CharliHill 5 timmar sedan
When you don't worship God but worship creation, you will get this excited about a the moon being in front of the sun for a few minutes. It's a neat phenomenon, but God is so much greater.
Cédric St-Germain
Cédric St-Germain 5 timmar sedan
So my question is : how can you believe that it is only with your talent and hard work that you will succed when you know its not true ?
gw home
gw home 5 timmar sedan
ok, synchronise 2 clocks in point A. move one clock to point B and make measurement. Then synchronise clocks in point B and move one clock to point A and make measurement if the 2 measurement differs, let us all know your discovery!
I will defeat Justin Y
I will defeat Justin Y 5 timmar sedan
46 M views... 4K comments...
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I'm too dumb to watch this video about grapes. 😳
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i come here every few months to estimate how faster it gets i think every year is 5% faster as you get older
Gord Pettigrew
Gord Pettigrew 5 timmar sedan
isn't turbulent flow similar to entropy? Moves from order (laminar) to disorder (turbulent)
Crest 5 timmar sedan
1 shade ball is like 4 kg
Martin The man
Martin The man 5 timmar sedan
Short answer:No
RidrytísRûyên 5 timmar sedan
Classical Chaos == Quantum Probability Amplitudes ?
Frosty 6 timmar sedan
Congratz Truth particle!!
Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo 6 timmar sedan
Wait so they’re entangled even millions of light years away? Are each entangled with everything else
Liam 6 timmar sedan
The universe is not infinite. If it were, today never would have gotten here.
José Aliber González
José Aliber González 6 timmar sedan
Can't you just calculate the difference the second clock will have after moving it 1km ? I think you can measure that knowing how fast it moved that 1km
OpethianZ 6 timmar sedan
პიზდა ბოოოლ 😀😀
Mike Hood
Mike Hood 6 timmar sedan
I will tell you scientific secrets to clear this up now Under the ice north and south poles they found a unique radiation not related To any man can produce but most likely by a star That is fission related They found a huge crater in greenland tons of radiation And a huge crater at the south pole radiation at both That had to come from atomic weapons we cannot Make that scientists speculate created a decompression zone at north and south at the same time or close that would have released billions Of units of radiant heat into the space environment s magnetic pulse to push out the heat that inevitably caused a instant freeze and likely what the weapon did And our military found cities under the ice technology That was not shared with The public So during that event a lot of methane from plants under the ice that was trapped Is recently being released That is in the billions of feet That can cause rapid heating of the environment And its scientifically proven And thats your answer A secret one 😎😎😎😎😎
ANDER LABAKA 6 timmar sedan
At 0:23 he says that if you remove the air from it, it would be less dense than air. Well... then if you don´t remove the air, it is still less dense than air, right? Just in an smaller percentage, but the idea is the same...
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres 6 timmar sedan
Etheletic Engine
Etheletic Engine 6 timmar sedan
cops developing forensic app for solving crimes through dust.... me watching "HIS DARK MATERIALS"....
Millie McIntyre
Millie McIntyre 6 timmar sedan
for the queen (confidential so censored) queen's immediate family has an ex, ex wants my cousin to do a movie on her. i know my cousin. ez 3 degrees :) also a fun one, a guy came up to me in mcdonalds once and complimented my trainers, i said thanks where u from? bc he had an accent. he was from new york and in town for a gig. i asked if he knew another band i hang out w when theyre in town. they grew up together!! mad tiny world
Millie McIntyre
Millie McIntyre 6 timmar sedan
i also know a gal who went to korea, met a random guy on the street and when she told him where she was from he immediately said 'oh do you know ___?' TINIEST WORLD
MIXED AF 6 timmar sedan
If you put bubblegum in the microwave for 5mins you'll end up with a 1" crystal. Thank me later
Greg 6 timmar sedan
Didn't have any grapes so I tried it with small baby tomatoes. Did not work.
Jean Ding
Jean Ding 6 timmar sedan
so pi (or any non rational numbers) contains infinate information?
Tristan Cooper
Tristan Cooper 6 timmar sedan
There is no such thing as time, so there is no velocity either.
Raptoryx 6 timmar sedan
I think I might have missed some stuff about the problem of the 2 clocks, but couldnt u put them apart (IDK, for example 1m) and then start them at the same time (for example 1 with ur right hand and the other with ur left, but u would need to be extremly precise XD) and the just release the light and note the 2 different times ... ? XD
Same Old Fit Up - Wahrheit Politische Verfolgung
Same Old Fit Up - Wahrheit Politische Verfolgung 6 timmar sedan
“Has it ever struck you that life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going?”― Tennessee Williams..
Felizia Shanks
Felizia Shanks 6 timmar sedan
Hayden B
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.Turn to United Brethren Church. Using the Lords name in vain is a sin and so is cursing upon your enemies. And so is saying anything hateful, premarital sex and lust are all sins..
1806659 JAGDISH
1806659 JAGDISH 7 timmar sedan
Does it matter Yes But Where When How Why What ? ? ? 😐
Brandon Mendoza
Brandon Mendoza 7 timmar sedan
Se que lo que preguntaré no tiene nada que ver con el vídeo, pero me gustaría o mejor dicho sería interesante saber o conocer cómo hacen para alterar algo a nivel genético si se puede y si no podría pasar? Es decir los humanos pueden alterar organismos a nivel geneticos y cómo sería de ser posible!? Solo tengo curiosidad por el tema...
Chigzy 7 timmar sedan
I was expecting a yo-yo, and not a math test
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 7 timmar sedan
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Joe Crawford
Joe Crawford 7 timmar sedan
This isn’t related to the vid, but we are technically always outside. Houses are built outside, and we are in them. It’s only shelter, not making us be inside. So we are always outside. Homeless people: am I a joke to you?
bad1080 7 timmar sedan
tldr: the end of the slinky is lacking critical information
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 7 timmar sedan
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Back in the days when the Fukushima accident was three years ago
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Epic *clicks next video*
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Why is there literally only men on the plain but no girls😠
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shut up